We can find accommodation anywhere in France for international or UK secondees.

Here you will find our postal address, email and phone contact details. If you would like to send us information which does not require an immediate response, please use the post.

Holiday Ideas

We arrange everything for the break organisation so that all it has to do is sign the agreement and pay the invoices.

It does not matter if you go on a holiday for a few months or just a short break over the weekend there are always too many choices to choose from. Different kind of holidays start from staying at home and end in going to the other side of the world to discover new areas and to get inspired on your return. It does not matter what kind of a vacation that you choose there are always, some low cost options provide you with a great deal of winter entertainment. Should you prefer to go to a warmer location you can alway enjoy a holiday somewhere further south with lovely sunshine to keep you happy.

An alternative idea is to go on a climbing holiday to Kilimanjaro which offers the most amazing scenery and experience. With little training and a large amount of dedication you can get on the top of one of the highest mountains in the world.

Overall it does not matter where you go, you just have to enjoy it!



Holiday Breaks in France

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    The alternative citizenship curriculum - on subjects including the war, top up fees, the NHS and equipment for schools.

    We are always looking for properties in major UK cities.

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    Here we also had a show of hands from one Hackney primary school where we have been working to teach.

    We currently require more properties.
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    Again our collection grew as festival-goers added their hands to our walls of hands.